I Accidentally Gave Up Sugar and Processed Foods

—and I don’t miss them! I snuck a cheese-it from son’s snacks last night. Something in the not so distant past I would have grabbed a few handfuls of—it was TERRIBLE on my realigned taste buds. It literally tasted like how I would imagine a spoonful of mac and cheese powder would taste. It definitely didn’t leave me begging for more…. So why did it USED TO? Why does bread seem drier to me now? Why does a gooey brownie just seem over-the-top and not as satisfying? I think it is because, without intending to do so, I accidentally gave up sugar. I used to be the baked-goods queen… if it was a gooey double chocolate cookie I wanted it (and 10 more). What happened? How did I accidentally give up sugar… how did crackers and bread suddenly become mundane and blah? It happened, I think because I focused on macros in my diet instead of calories. By keeping my net Carbs to under 20g I reach for products that not only satisfy my need to eat, but also keep me at my goals.

By not having a calorie limit, but instead focusing on my body’s BMR as my max calories available in a day I found that I could be flexible with what I ate and still hit my macros. By looking at food in this way, I have accidentally retrained my mind to think of food as nutrition instead of heaven-sent mana that will solve every problem I have ever had.

This also meant that there just wasn’t room in the diet for a cookie because I would have to eat SO much additional food to balance out my macros that it just wasn’t worth it to me to have the cookie. In making these small daily decisions, I didn’t realize it but I was slowly breaking my addiction to carbs, sweets and chemicals designed to trick out brain into wanting more. Corn-syrup has been described as as addictive as heroin. It messes with our brains in a big way… yogurt is something we ALL consider healthy and yet it has TONS of sugar grams! When we went low-fat as a country the fat got replaced by sugar. We all know sugars burn fast in our bodies. When our bodies rely on sugars and glucose to fuel our day it burns through the energy provided quickly and then triggers our mind to say “need more.”

By training my body to use fat as its fuel source I found that my “need more” triggers are few and far between. My cravings are at a minimum and now if I want a sweet item it is because I want AND will be happy with a taste. When a bite suffices for the flavor enjoyment— and I don’t go back for 1o more—THAT IS A WIN!

Author: KeenlyKeto

A book-smart-kind-of-quirky kind of person

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