I gained weight on Keto Week 4

So this week was frustrating!  I actually weight about 4 lbs more than this time last week.  Notes on this:

I have had terrible swelling in my legs in the evening due to heat.  At least some of this has to be water weight, but … still sucks.

I really messed up Monday and stressed ate.  This means that I likely dropped out of ketosis and it can take up to 4 to 5 days to get back into ketosis. I never tested with ketosis sticks so I don’t know for sure on this.

In researching ketosis I came across something I hadn’t learned yet– keeping your ADDED fat to under 30g a day for weight loss. Most of your fat should come from whole foods like eggs and avocados combined with the fats from your proteins that you eat. I decided to go back and count my added fat grams for the last 4 weeks to see if I could see a correlation to weight loss. This is what I found:

9/9 9/8 9/7 9/6 9/5 9/4 9/3
28 74 73 39 0 92 42
9/2 9/1 8/31 8/30 8/29 8/28 8/27
86 81 27 44 48 6 11
8/26 8/25 8/24 8/23 8/22 8/21 8/20
24 12 27 23 42 33 48
8/19 8/18 8/17 8/16 8/15 8/14 8/13
48 14 22 26 21 30 14

You can see Week one I ate an average of 25 grams added fat a day– I lost somewhere around 10 lbs that week.  Week 2 I ate an average of 29.9 grams of added fat a day and I lost about 7 lbs.  Week 3 I started struggling and I ended at a bit over 1 lb weight loss and ate an average of 43.3 grams of added fat.  Last Week I gained 4 lbs and had an average of 49.8 grams of added fat a day.   It is important to note at beginning of week 3 I transitioned to 75% fat in my diet so that could also have something to do with this trend.

For this week to study this issue I am going to keep my added fat grams under 30g and try to stay at 75% of my diet as fat to see what happens.  My hypothesis is that I will start losing weight again 😛

What is theory behind the added fat?  Why is that such a big deal? Your body turns to that as a preliminary food source.  So the thought is that rather than using stored fats it used the more easily accessible “straight fats”

Let’s see what happens next week!

Have a great journey. Onward and upwards!































Author: KeenlyKeto

A book-smart-kind-of-quirky kind of person

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