Water and Eating enough Calories

So last week I stagnated on this journey. I watched my weight fluctuate up instead of down… I ended the week at a loss, but it was frustrating.  Going back through my numbers I noticed a trend that I want to share.

A) I have always had a hard time drinking water… I was NOT drinking enough water from day one.

B) I got used to intermittent fasting and some days only ate 600 or 700 calories.  Those lower calorie days are when I stopped losing.

C) As soon as I started drinking a gallon of water a day and forcing myself to get the calories in (this meant one day 6 tablespoons of walnut oil which I know sounds unhealthy but I was literally NOT hungry and it was a way to get my fat calories.) My weight started dropping again.

I also started taking a one-a-day supplement to help with nutrients.  Also on the advice of another friend I set my total “allowed calories” for a day to my BMR at http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator.  For those of you who don’t know what your BMR is it is the minimum amount of calories you use just walking around daily.  Mine is higher because I weigh so much.  It give a bench mark for how many calories to eat up to– this is important because I think some people think Keto means they can eat whatever they want that fits macros and still lose weight.  If you start eating 4k a day you could possibly lose a bit at first but you won’t maintain that lose and really more likely will gain weight,

Also traditional health says eat on average 1200 calories at minimum daily.  (I know I am steering a little off of keto which talks about macros being what is important and calories less so;  however, I think balance is a good thing) I think if there are long term health issues that can come from eating under 1200 calories consistently (one day I only was at 350 calories) then I need to consider some of that as well.

I am still shooting for 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs.  I LOVE focusing on macros with a general goal of at least 1200 calories, because if I happen to eat a little to much protein I can offset with a little more fat… no harm done.  I don’t have to only eat 1200 calories, but as long as I get that much I feel like I am staying healthier. My body seems to agree as well. The myfitnesspal app has a great easy way to say your macro percentage and I am relying on that to help me get my food in check.

Going strong into WEEK 4 holy smokes!! 🙂


Author: KeenlyKeto

A book-smart-kind-of-quirky kind of person

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