Week 2 Update Total Down 17lbs!

Wow!  So this week I dropped another 6+ lbs leaving me at exactly 17lbs down!!

I have had some interesting developments concerning the intermittent fasting I am also doing… basically eating between 1 and 6ish every day.

  • My hunger is non-existent… actually having a hard time eating ENOUGH calories.
  • My skin is clear.
  • My period occurred this week… very mild cramping… usually I am dying.
  • 3 days ago I dropped 3.5 lbs and since haven’t lost any– this is the same period of time that my hunger went away and I started having trouble eating enough. Really working on trying to get at least close to 1200 cals to help.


Here is my video… I have to learn where to look lol!



Author: KeenlyKeto

A book-smart-kind-of-quirky kind of person

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