So What Is the BIG deal with Keto?

Last night a woman’s group I am in started talking about Keto.  Many of the same questions came up and I saw people making this really… hard.  They were linking “rules,”  lists of food you CAN and CAN’T eat.  If I had seem many of the posts last night when I first was starting out I would never have started!

So let’s just chat for a minute, shall we?  I am having SO much success with this, and it is not complicated.  I am not a doctor I just took the advice of other people who have followed the program, and suggested the program and dove in.

Keto is short for ketogenesis– you can look that up for the science around it, but in a nutshell, it is the process in which your body produces ketones.  These are the bi-product of burning fat for energy.  Keep that in mind for a minute 🙂

OK so I saw a lot of people representing Keto has mainly low carb high protein.  Keto is about low carb, moderate protein and high fat.  Basically we get our energy from two sources: glucose (carbs break down to this) and fat.  Excess nutrients become fat and drum roll please……that’s how I became a person carrying another person around with me every day!

So carbs, proteins, and fat contain calories– they each vary on how many grams per calories… you could look that up if you want.  Keto teaches that you want to give your body about 5-10% of it’s daily calories from carbs while staying under 20 “net carbs” and about 60% + of your diet from fat.  There are different theories out there regarding net carbs or total carbs, but essentially net carbs are “carbs-fiber=net carbs.”

A good app for tracking this for me has been at  It’s free and easy to us. You can set your own percentages for those in the app and it’s awesome!  Link to my diary here:  for examples on what I eat.  (I mix the butter in my coffee)

The Keto diet has similarities to Atkins, Paleo, etc… but those percentages REALLY matter.  Your body NEEDS the fat to get to Ketosis.

Let’s talk actual diet.  I am finding that things I have in my home work perfectly fine for this;  try just raiding your cupboards. Grab some meat, mix some butter into your coffee, research your ingredients… always good to be as natural as possible with what you put into you body, but DUDE’s don’t flip. You don’t have to go spend tons of money on this… I live on a budget of 10.00 per day for myself and three kids….

Go grab an app you like that lets you track your nutrients. Also a scale (mine was 7.00 at Walmart). I find that really focusing on fat helps me kind of just fall into where am I shooting for every day.  Also as a side note, I am SO FULL most of the time.  Tonight I almost didn’t want dinner. Those fat grams stick with you and you will see weight drop! (Keep in mind your starting weight plays into weight loss per week in the beginning. … DO NOT get discouraged if you do not have insane results.)

Ok… so that’s the big secret. Track your percentages…. LOL See? SUPER EASY!!!



Author: KeenlyKeto

A book-smart-kind-of-quirky kind of person

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