Day 6– Veggies Killed My Carbs

Starting out today a little bummed; yesterday went well in regards to “healthy” choices, but I overshot my carb goal when I added roasted veggies from Baja Fresh to a side of steak.  I thought I was being “oh! so good” only to find out that there are  25!!!  carbs in a side of their veggies.  How? I am still confused.. but lesson learned. Always add the meal to tracker BEFORE eating.  That said it was super good and veggies and steak are not a bad combo…  I need to plan a bit better and definitely not make assumptions.

I looked into the idea of “net carbs” today and learned about taking fiber into account to track your net carbs. Adjusted my tracker to include fiber to be able to track that a bit as well!

GOOD NEWS Had a weigh in at DR yesterday. Fully dressed and I am down 10 lbs from the last time I weighed nude!  The last time I weighed was near on a month ago so I can’t say specifically if it is keto or not, but definitely going to give keto at least most of the credit!

Totally forgot to grab anything to get me through today so when lunch time hits I am going to be careful.  It’s apparently hard to eat out and keep things basic, so I will be tracking foods before I order today!

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Author: KeenlyKeto

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One thought on “Day 6– Veggies Killed My Carbs”

  1. I just bumped into your blog. I had a similar high carb/calorie veggie experience at a place called California Fish Grill. I thought I was being good getting the zucchini, but was shocked when I saw the nutritional information for this water based veggie. I learned the hard way that they brush the zucchini with rice oil!


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